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The Victorian Era was a time of wide extremes, elegant city streets, gracious living and in contrast grinding poverty.


It was also a great time for exploration and invention many of which have had a profound effect on our world today.


During The Victorian Era with their engineering skills and pioneering spirit the Victorians opened up many wild frontier towns across the world. and along with their flare and ingenuity they also brought with them their values and elegance.


Our Object with this Directory is to bring together products and services associated with the elegant side of The Victorian Era.  We are constantly searching the world for companies or individuals who have products or services of use to the many people around the world interested in Victoriana.


We select very carefully the companies we offer space to, and in each case we visit their site to be sure their product or service is appropriate to this  Victorian Era directory.


If you are a business who sells or promotes anything to do with The Victorian Era, anywhere around the world, and would like to advertise on our Victorian directory please contact the Webmaster.


We of course provide free space for Victorian Era events, Historical societies or press releases 

(see historical sources).

If you have a press release, or know of any Victorian events or societies that  you would like to see on this site, please email them to us and, if appropriate, we will add them to the site.

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