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Delightful digital experiences

Business owners need to provide memorable digital experiences to consumers. Implementing a professional digital strategy has become essential to boosting your sales.

Deltacom Design

Because web is our profession

The Web agency takes care of the website’s creation. It also handles the writing of its content. The expert recommends and assists his clients in drawing up the specifications.

Advice & strategy

Advice & strategy

Digital strategy is about defining objectives. A web agency will help you set up and align your digital strategy with your business objectives.

Creation & development

Creation & development

The digital communication agency assists its clients in designing a digital strategy. It creates a personalised editorial line while respecting the budget.

Development of a digital strategy strategy

To develop a tailor-made digital strategy, the Web agency offers unique support in defining your growth objectives and your turnover. It assists you in your market study.

Website creation or redesign

Assess the scope of a website redesign and carry out a project analysis.

Organic SEO and paid campaigns

SEA optimized websites are indexed before the SEO optimized websites.

Community management

Community management promotes offers, the brand, manages the e-reputation…

Project management & methodology

Managing your projects

Powerful web design A pleasant and unique experience

Creating a unique and enjoyable user experience keeps visitors coming back to the site. The UX designer supports the web platforms, optimises the user experience.

responsive design

Responsive Design

The self-adapting web design makes it easy to read on any device.


Functional design

In order to create a beautiful web design, you need a functional design.


Emotional design

Emotional design offers visitors a memorable and unique experience.

Click & Collect - Conquering e-commerce

The main advantages of click & collect are that it allows consumers to order products online and then collect them within a short period of time, which normally varies between one and two hours. Click & collect is a system that combines local commerce and e-commerce.

Give visibility to your websites

Increase the visibility of your website by using billboards. This technique consists of using your digital portal as an advertising space to promote your companies.

Google Adwords

Use Google Adwords to ensure the success of your campaign.

Social networks

Social networks play a major role in the daily lives of Internet users.

Visibility audit

The detailed results of an SEO audit can help boost your ranking.

Technical & editorial optimisation of your websites

A distinction must be made between the title tag and the editorial title of a page. Creating a website encompasses several editorial and technical facets. The technical optimisation of pages includes the tags, the URL…

Web marketing to make you more visible

There are three ways to gain visibility: organic search engine optimisation, blogging and social media. The aim of web marketing is to attract visitors.

Strategic plan

Strategic plan

Make your web strategy plan a success by focusing it around a strong positioning.


To collect positive or negative feedback, integrate surveys into your website.

Community management

Community management

Community management manages the e-reputation, promotes a brand and its offers…